Innovative and 

reliable products

We have developed a wide range of products for the construction of steel buildings. It starts with our light-gauge steel walls that are then linked to a conventional steel structure and our composite flooring system. Our approach allows for an integrated system of construction, that is faster to execute and particularly efficient. Over the years,TMS has acquired an enviable reputation and we are always actively seeking to develop new solutions for the prefabricated building sector.


In recent years, buildings with light-gauge steel frames have multiplied in the construction sector. At TMS, we build: the steel structure, light-gauge steel load-bearing walls, concrete-steel flooring systems, light-gauge steel roof trusses, the building envelope, the metalworking, the balconies, etc. In addition to offering incomparable construction quality, our system of prefabrication and installation allows the different tradespeople to access the worksite more rapidly, and work in parallel rather than in sequence. Deadlines are thus shortened, simplifying coordination and management of the project for entrepreneurs and promoters. Ingenious, efficient and devoted, the TMS team has taken the prefabrication of buildings to another level.