Rapid, safe, 


TMS works hard to provide you with peace of mind. We understand worksite reality and the pressure you are under. The construction world is a complex one in which stress is omnipresent. So it is our business to plan carefully. While you are concentrating on your excavation and foundations, we design and build the steel structure for your building at the plant. A TMS team then takes care of installing the prefabricated building elements at your worksite. It is done with impressive rapidity and in an ultra-safe manner. We are passionate about what we do and are entirely devoted to your project.

Our personnel is inventive and thorough. Each employee knows the value of their work and the result it will give at the end of the project. It makes for an efficient team that takes pride in providing reliable and attentive service.




Our recognized expertise in the field of prefabrication allows us to offer a design department based upon efficient and straightforward structural solutions. Our team of experts accompanies you right from the pre-construction phase, with the aim of optimizing your project and bringing it to its most profitable level. Our approach has been refined thanks to our ingenuity, as well as our many years of experience. Our objective is always the same: from the initial design until the completed project, we maximize the effectiveness of your project while ensuring you enjoy peace of mind.


Within our well-designed, modern installations, our professional team is committed to fabricating innovative products of quality that respect our commitments. Our large-scale manufacturing capacity, together with our flexibility means we can supply you with a completely integrated system, regardless of the size of your project. A superior quality of fabrication in a controlled environment, where every detail is taken into account, allows us to offer exceptional rapidity of installation at the worksite. Our plant is modern, productive and secure!


TMS puts a team of seasoned experts at your disposition, who will come and install the light-gauge steel elements that were prefabricated at our plant, at your worksite. Our tradespeople are specifically trained in the TMS construction system. Combined with our modern equipment, their expertise allows them to tackle the most complex projects, regardless of the worksite location. It is a team of passionate workers who know how to install prefabricated structures with astonishing rapidity and in a completely safe manner.

Technical support

TMS possesses proven expertise in the construction of prefabricated buildings in light-gauge steel. Our capacity to provide advice and identify alternative solutions to optimize your construction has confirmed our reputation over the years. Our in-depth knowledge of worksite realities and our technical know-how allows us to accompany you closely and find ingenious solutions to any problematic solution that arises.