We accompany you from start to finish! No matter what stage you are at, our experts understand your needs and know what’s required. No client of ours is treated as a number, and no project is too small or too big. Everyone receives the attention they deserve.


We are experienced at what we do and flexible. We understand the pressure that exists on a worksite. We have a team ready to resolve your problems rapidly. We make a commitment to your project and finding the right solutions is our strength.


We are both specialists and perfectionists. Every building we produce is custom fabricated, meaning that we are rigorous when it comes to details. We check and double-check each component as the project progresses, so that you can rest easy.


Our employees are the backbone of our success. We train them to work safely and efficiently. Our safety protocol is not restricted to our company. It is active from our plants right to the worksite, and based on products that have been correctly designed in the first place.




At TMS, we develop efficient and ingenious systems for the construction of light-gauge steel buildings. From design to installation and in-plant fabrication, the TMS team takes responsibility for your building’s structure and envelope. Always seeking to master the latest techniques, and whether you are builders, architects or engineers, we can offer you innovative solutions. At TMS, the desire to constantly do better, day after day, is imprinted in our DNA.

Service is

our priority

Our objective remains the same for all our projects: simplifying your construction. At TMS, we are committed and proud of our products, our service, as well as the know-how we provide. We want our clients to be assured that the work is being done carefully within agreed deadlines, in an efficient and safe manner. With our many years of experience and ingenuity, we have developed an approach to the construction of light-gauge steel structures that has positioned TMS as a leader in the field.